cagin Cecen

I am a:
Fullstack Web Designer/Developer, Consultant
Cautious Adventurer, Urban Ninja.

What did he do?

I am currently reorganizing and cleaning up my portfolio. Some projects may not have working links. Demo links will be added as soon as possible

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Dive Academy Bodrum

  • Slim,
  • SASS,
  • Coffee-Scprit,
  • Bootstrap3 and Various JS Libraries,
  • Ruby on Rails,
  • DigitalOcean && Dokku

Risk Game

From time to time I work on recreation of Java Based Risk game I created as Homework in TU-Wien.

do not hesitate to contribute Risk Game
  • Java,
  • JavaFX
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DC Versicherung

  • Javascript,
  • Bootstrap


A Startup project that me and a couple of friends are working on more information will be available on Kickstarter soon

  • Ruby on Rails,
  • Slim/ SASS,
  • Bootstrap,
  • CoffeeScript

Chess Engine

Browser Based Chess Game and AI to play against. Currently recreating project from Stratch in order to change language to Livescript and to make a Kickass AI


Tic Tac Toe

  • Browser based tictactoe game with AI

  • Multiplayer TicTacToe Terminal App

  • Javascript (Livescript),
  • Java

Some small Scripts and Visual effects for fun. Check Codepen for some Demos

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  • Pug,
  • SASS,
  • Bootstrap,
  • Javascript,
  • mustache.js,

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