cagin Cecen

I am a:
Fullstack Web Designer/Developer, Consultant
Cautious Adventurer, Urban Ninja.

Who the hell is this guy?!

Cagin Cecen is a freelance web designer/developer living in Vienna | Austria with satisfied clients worldwide. He has been designing and developing websites professionally for over four years, and is very keen on personal service. I would describe Cagin as a spiritual fast learning generalist with a passion for remarkable design. Currently he spends his days working as freelancer for Dive Academy Bodrum, but he is also available for smaller, interesting projects during evenings and weekends. He is currently unavailable for projects, though feel free to get in touch if you have an idea he might be interested in.

A little bit more about me JICYC.

  I spend my days with my hands on many different areas of web development from back end (Django/Python, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, ) to front end (HTML, CSS, Javascript, ) design and development, also have experience in Java and C.I love making sure that systems, interfaces, language and graphics are human-friendly, emotive, aesthetically pleasing, clear, on-brand and usable — with a touch of mellow smoothness. From workflow diagrams to detailed user interface mockups, I love shaping and crafting on-screen experiences.

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  When I am not being a jerk by forgetting to label my Photoshop layers, eating all the office candy, and showing up for work on time I enjoy never being satisfied with my own work, sci-fi, music, movies, Coffee a lots of coffee! I am extremely passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and Algorithms. I enjoy making small games and geting beaten up by my own AI.As normal human activities I do parkour, go camping, enjoy dancing after i get drunk even though I regret it next day and I do meditate from time to time.

This website uses stuff.

This Website has been built using Pug for templating, SASS for styling and Livescript for scripts (which compiles to Javascript). All with the help of Gulp; a total life saver when it comes to automating painful and time-consuming tasks in your development workflow.
It also uses Ractive.js for totally unnecessary purposes, Bootstrap4 as framework which looks better than Bootstrap3 so far.
And special thanks to Github people for making this site possible for me you guys are awesome.
Other than that everything is handmade, click to check source code.

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